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Physical or mental disabilities are not an obstacle to enjoying skiing and the pleasurable experience of gliding freely through the snow. Valdesquí offers you special rates, free booking of a car parking space in the area closest to the slopes and an accessible entrance to the ski area should you need it.

People with a certified level of disability equal to or above 33% will benefit from the following rates in purchasing season and day ski passes:

  • Season ski pass 414
  • Day ski pass 37

Visually impaired skiers affiliated to ONCE who have a chaperone will be able to benefit from a 50% discount upon buying a day ski pass together.

Valdesquí Ski and Snowboard School has instructors specialised in adapted skiing.

It is an essential requirement to prove the disability by presenting relevant documentation (disability certificate + document to prove identity).

For more information, contact us by calling 91 852 39 52 or sending us an email to